All-Star RF redo: Vote CarGo

            Alright, scratch Matt Kemp. It looks as though the Dodgers star is headed back to the disabled list after re-aggravating his hamstring last night against Milwaukee.

            After last night, it seems like Carlos Gonzalez wants it more anyhow. While all eyes were on Seattle’s 21-8 win over Texas, Gonzalez was making headlines of his own in Colorado. The Rockies slugger hammered three home runs en route to a 4-for-5 night, improving his season average to .323 while vaulting into third place in the NL with 13 home runs and 41 RBIs, respectively.

            It’s hard to believe Gonzalez has never appeared in an All-Star game. Sure he’s still just 26. But in 2010 he took a shot at an NL triple crown while pacing the league with a .336 average. And while he finished third in the MVP race behind Joey Votto and Albert Pujols that season, it was widely theorized that Gonzalez would have won the award if not for a remarkable year from his teammate Troy Tulowitzki, which essentially split the Colorado vote.            

            What’s even harder to believe, especially for A’s fans, is how Gonzalez ended up in Colorado in the first place. The technical answer is he was traded by Oakland for Matt Holliday. The more accurate account, though, is he was part of one of the most prolific (if not strange and disastrous) parlays in Billy Beane’s tenure as general manager of the A’s.

            Gonzalez was initially something of a steal for Oakland, when he was acquired prior to the 2008 season along with pitcher Brett Anderson for ace right-hander Dan Haren. The trade was a no-brainer for Oakland, with Haren on the verge of a salary spike. But, that argument went out the window the following year when Beane rolled over Gonzalez into a package deal with the Rockies for high-priced slugger Matt Holliday.

            As it stands, three former A’s outfielders – Gonzalez, Holliday, and NL RBI leader Andre Ethier – are serious contenders to make the NL All-Star team.


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