Zito deals in G’s first win

            I don’t know what Jhoulys Chachin did to upset Derryl Cousins. And, I don’t want to know. It ain’t got nothing to do with me.

            All I know is when you start the season 0-3, you’ll take a win any way you can get it. If that means the home plate umpire is going to squeeze the opposing pitching into submission, so be it.

            Of course, the Giants’ first win of the season – 7-0 over the Rockies in Colorado, in case you missed it – can be summed up in three words: Barry William Zito. After today’s four-hit shutout, though – for the next five days, at least – he may as well change his middle name to Lamar.

            Zito’s performance speaks for itself. Sleeves was cool, composed, and in command. Yet, he dominated in one of the most notorious offensive yards in baseball, despite scrapping his go-to pitch, the big 12-6 curveball – a pitch he especially depended on to keep his head above water throughout an abbreviated 2011 season.

            Say what you will about Zito. Somewhere between the record contract, the Los Angeles residence, and the Bikram Yoga program, the guy has put forth a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic since joining the Giants in 2007. Last year’s trip to the disabled list broke a streak of ten consecutive seasons in which he made 32 starts or more. Not to mention, he and Tim Lincecum were pretty much joined at the hip throughout Lincecum’s back-to-back Cy Young seasons.

            It’s easy to love a guy when he’s on top. But, once again, so be it. Zito deserves all the love he gets. And, he should have plenty coming his way – for the next five days, at least. If he continues to lock in with the wicked sweeping curve/slider combo he had going today, though, the love-fest could last a lot longer than that.


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