HOOPS, Kansas vs. UNC


            This is a baseball blog. So, as an inaugural blog post, I can think of no better topic than … you guessed it … March Madness.

            What a first half of basketball, hey? If you’re like me and know practically nothing about the inner-workings of college hoops (or any basketball for that matter,) you may understand the humbling feeling of a big game reduced to its rudimentary elements – Blue Jerseys vs. Teal Jerseys.

            Of course, I’m referring to Kansas vs. North Carolina. Even though the Jayhawks ran away with it late in the second half, what a shootout to set the stage for the Final Four. Even before tipoff, you could see all the makings of a thriller taking shape. Not only was it to be the featured Sunday afternoon game, and the final contest of the prelim bracket leading to the championship round in New Orleans. But, more so, Kentucky’s blowout of Baylor earlier this morning was a telltale signpost that a throw-down was a brewing in St. Louis.

            Still, Kansas’s thrilling 80-67 win to advance to the Final Four stands to be a mere forethought for next weekend’s epic showdown between Kentucky and Louisville – incidentally, the inspiration for this blog entry. I admit, this is a bit of a glorified shout-out….

            Back in the heyday of upstart message boards, one of the first pals I ever befriended in cyberspace was a girl named Sarah. Her screen name being UKLawGirl, it goes without saying she is a serious Wildcats fan. And, while I’ve never been a fan of college hoops, I have always loosely affiliated with Louisville. Probably, it simply has something to do with the name of the school being akin to Louisville Slugger. Obviously, a baseball guy, here.

            I took a lot of grief from Sarah regarding my faux love for Louisville. Once, in an attempt to “remedy” this, she even sent me a UK hoops t-shirt.

            So, it looks as though March Madness has steered the Wildcats and the Cardinals into a collision course, in what has the potential to be one of the greatest clashes in the history of college basketball. Yet, from where I’ll be sitting, the big game will likewise be reduced to the rudimentary elements – Red Jerseys vs. Blue Jerseys. While I’ll be rooting for Red Jerseys, somewhere in the back of my head I’ll also be rooting for UKLawGirl. After all, Sarah, you deserve it.

            And, to anyone reading this, thanks for checking out my blog. As previously stated, I’m a baseball guy … and, this site will essentially be a baseball blog. Your bearing with my novice (at best) basketball rambling is appreciated.

            Future (baseball) entries will be much more expert, I promise.


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